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KV-I CON CÑON L-11 (1940)


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Soviet Heavy Tank KV-1 mod. 1940

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Soviet KV-1 (mod. 1940) Heavy Tank

1/100 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with the Art of Tactic

This kit includes one plastic model Soviet World War II tank.

Model supplied unpainted. Assembly required. This “snap fit” model can be assembled without glue.

Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.

Historical Notes

Named for the Soviet defense minister Kliment Voroshilov, the KV-1 tank was famous for it’s extremely thick armor, which made it virtually immune to the 37mm anti-tank guns commonly used by the German army during the early months of their invasion. The KV-1 was so well protected that it was even impervious to most tank guns mounted on German tanks, unless they were able to maneuver behind the KV tank.

The KV-1 was hampered by its tremendous mass, which left it with poor maneuverability and a slow top speed of about 25 kilometers per hour. Weighing in at 45 tons, the KV-1 could only cross rivers by using the strongest of bridges and had no amphibious capability. It was equipped with an excellent 76mm main gun, but this was no better than the one mounted on the lighter T-34. Though this was a formidable and powerful combatant, these limitations would eventually lead to the design being discontinued in 1943.